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Mentions Manchester What are your gig pet peeves?


Last night I saw Artic Monkeys in Manchester (they were good although I was just their to go with my sister so it's not my type of music - preferred the first support band tbh) and i was actually quite disgusted at the amount of people throwing cups filled with pints (and in some cases a liquid which isn't a pint if you catch my drift?)

I don't get why people do this? is it some form of "lads lads lads" humour which I don't understand? do people just get a kick out of being annoying??

it did get me thinking about other things that people do at gigs/things that happen at gigs that really rub you the wrong way??

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Can you talk me through what happens at the airport when going on holiday, please?


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Obligatory on mobile, forgive formatting.

I feel so ridiculous posting and asking this. I (42f) am newly single with 2 young children, their father is not in the picture anymore. I have a multitude of MH issues, with severe social anxiety, I cannot even go in a shop alone unless one of the children are with me, but I am getting better since I have no one to fall back on -needs must and all that! My children have never been abroad, and I have just recieved a small inheritance, so I would like to take them on holiday in the next month, they have had an awful year and I'd like to surprise them. I feel confident enough to book this today, but my anxiety is getting the better of me! I have not been abroad for 20 years and I cannot remember what happens at the airport! Could someone please talk me through it? I have booked a private transfer at the other end to help make my anxiety a bit, how does that work also? Do I have to go and find them? How do I find them? Could ask for special assistance at the airport? My daughter has autism but I feel I would be taking advantage of her diagnosis to help ME...

I feel such such a Brussels sprout asking, but I want to be better and give my children this experience.

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Why don't pubs have quiz machines any more?


I used to love playing on quiz machines in pubs around 15 years ago and nearly everywhere had one. There was so many good games and you could stretch out a fiver between a group for ages.

Don't get me wrong, I love a quiet and traditional pub but why have these machines all disappeared? They seem to have been replaced with plain gambling ones, with just roulette or slots.

If you do manage to find one there's a good chance it won't have been updated since around 2012

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What's your favourite old song?


Let's say pre 70s, before pop/rock really developed into what we know it as today.

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British men & women, what’s a good amount of time to be together before getting married?


For context, I’m (F29) southeast asian (born and raised) and currently in a 2 year relationship with a British guy (M31). We live together and also have a dog. In my culture, people get married before living together which means getting married pretty quick (average 2-3 years). I have observed that most of my bf’s friends are in 5-10 year relationships but not yet married, although a couple of them are engaged. I have discussed with him that I want to get married soon to which he jokingly responds “i’m saving for a big diamond!”. So my question is, is it normal for British people to wait that long before getting married and should I expect for him to take longer than 3 years?

Edit: forgot to put our ages in

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Mentions Bristol Shortest distance between two places with the same name in the UK?


I was recently driving to Bristol from Wales and noticed a sign for a village called Redwick. There is also a village called Redwick in Wales. If you look at google maps both villages are literally just across the River Severn from each other. This website reckons they are 8.6 miles away from each other as the crow flies.

It got me wondering if this is the shortest distance between two places with the same name in the UK? If you can think of any others please let me know.

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Do you take a sip of your drink before you walk away from the bar? Yay or nay?


Went for a couple of cheeky pints yesterday afternoon, and while waiting to get served I noticed every single person took a sip of their pint, glass of wine, whatever while waiting for their change. When I got served, wouldn't you know it, I did the same. I think I only saw 2 people out of a couple of dozen who showed some restraint. Is this just a reflex we all have?

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How do people maintain their weight?


What method do most people use; count calories every day, weigh themselves every week, go to the gym daily or something else?

Edit: I'm not asking how people lose weight, but how people maintain their weight.

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How much does your household spend on food a month?


Noticed the amount I'm saving is going decreasing every month, then began wondering how my money seems to be disappearing down the drain. Haven't changed my lifestyle drastically. So decided to take a closer look at my finaces, turns out food costs for me have gone from £120 a month to pushing £250 No I have not doubled in size... unfortunately

Edit: Thank you for all the replies lovely people of the UK. I can't reply to everyone, I really do appreciate your contributions though. Have a top day! 🪄

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Changing careers at 30?


Ive just turned 30 years old and have been in the hospitality industry since my late teens, I'm ready for a change, I want to feel the same passion and satisfaction I felt when I was younger.

I have no debt, my rents relatively cheap and I have no children. I have about 15k savings tucked away so financially I feel good.

I'm going back to college this September to study plumbing, City and guilds level one and two so two years total. During this time I will email pretty much every local plumbing company in my area to try find work. I'll sweep floors and make tea If it gets me a foot in the door, I'm not afraid of hard work and graft.

I'm hoping to hear some reassuring success stories from people that have been in a similar situation. I'm feeling old and slightly nervous going into a completely new industry at 30 haha.

Cheers in advance 🍻

Edit: Thank you all for the kind words, advice and your own personal stories! I feel inspired to kick ass!

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Answered First shift in a Wetherspoons tomorrow. What should I expect?


Title. I think I'll be shadowing someone for at least the first hour or 2 but don't know what will happen after that. Any former Spoons staff with advice and experience?

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How to job hunt while dealing with likely terminal illness and financial issues - in a stinker, could really use sound advice?


I'm in a very difficult place at my life at the moment and am struggling to find productive advice as to how best to move forward. At present, all looks bleak and I can't structure a plan or a positive view of the future. There are very little formal avenues for help and advice that I can find and take advantage of, so I'm hoping to get some tips from Reddit. I'm from the UK, hence the location of this post.

So, in brief: I'm trying to find a job in software or data analytics or something similar as a 27 year old man who is - or at least feels - dubiously qualified, and is also dealing with a progressive and likely terminal health condition (probably motor neurone disease). I've applied for dozens of jobs recently but am not even getting interviews despite a CV that feels pretty strong. I graduated from Oxbridge with a degree in Literature in 2019 and have work experience/internships at various law firms, marketing firms and some newspapers. I spent two years working as a junior reporter at a specialist magazine after graduating but left the role to pursue a masters in Literature due to struggling with some of the requirements (my writing skills just weren't up to scratch, nor my knowledge in the area) and concerns about the utility and ethics of the role (it felt like I was wasting my life). Unfortunately, the academic shift didn't work out as due to spiralling physical and mental health issues I dropped out of the course shortly before completion. I am currently working at Aldi as a store assistant struggling quite heavily financially.

To make matters worse, the progressive muscle weakness and numerous other functional issues I have been suffering from since 2016 or 2018, depending on how you define it, is continuing to worsen and is reaching the point where I am really struggling with the physicality of my current job, especially as intensive exercise seems to worsen things permanently. MRIs have ruled out structural issues and I've had blood tests for pretty much everything under the sun, ruling out mimics. However, I still don't have a diagnosis because the doctors are dragging their heels (I won't go into this in detail but have been very let down by the medical establishment, especially neurologists). I am currently diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder but have several aspects of presentation that don't fit with this (including atrophy and slowly progressive weakness and fasciculations rather than episodes of weakness). I am quite adamant that I have MND but the doctors, while some have voiced this as a concern, are really taking their time before making this official diagnosis.

I am really struggling to process my situation physically and mentally and feel I really cannot continue in my current job for much longer but am struggling to transition into a different career that's more friendly to my body and capabilities. Since I do not want to be a lawyer, PR/marketing person or journalist, and indeed do not really feel skilled enough to do so, I am finding that the fields I apply for I lack the relevant experience to get my foot in the door and with my health situation it is becoming increasingly difficult physically to gain such experience (I also cannot undertake internships due to working full time). Because I am young and my illness is slowly progressing, it is possible that I will have several more years ahead of me of becoming progressively disabled but not being able to qualify for benefits (which do not look like they would cover my living costs anyway - they're really minimal) because I would still be able to live a kind of a normal life. Physically, the rough-and-tumble work of a supermarket store assistant is right of the limit of my capabilities however.

Does anyone have any advice for what I can do to improve my situation? My dream would be hopefully my progression continues to be slow and I can get a working from home job using tech or something similar, where I am able to continue to work and fund my survival for maybe another 5 years or so (this would require me to be lucky with progression, but is not impossible). But I am struggling with the transition, beyond all the everyday obstacles my poor physical and mental health inflicts on me. I'm a capable guy but am struggling to deal with this situation.

Edit: I should add that I'm also very unsure how best to deal with mentioning my health when applying for roles. I worry that it will cause companies to be prejudiced against me, yet at the same time, not yet having a solid diagnosis, it feels premature to be labelling myself as disabled. Just another issue, I'd be grateful for guidance on.

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Salary negotiation - what to ask for?


Hey, recently been offered a job which has a range of 40 - 50k. Im waiting for the contact and details about salary. But I'm curious as to what will be returned for my salary. I'm currently on 25k so happy with even the low end. But, could I just ask for the 50?

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Invited to a colleagues wedding, how do I plan to have a good time?


This will be my first time attending a UK wedding in July, excited but also terrified!

Invite mentioned food will be provided, and a list of places to stay. I’m going alone but all other colleagues are bringing partners.

Wedding is 3 hours from where I live, but unsure if I should be booking a room for myself. What time would weddings end usually, and would it be weird if I’m the only one heading home (or at least try to)?

Money requested for honeymoon so that’s sorted I think.

What are the things I absolutely should/shouldn’t do?

Food, sleep and travel, am I missing anything I need to consider?

Any other suggestions and comments also welcome!

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Building a small patio in the back garden. Planning permission, really?


I’m halfway through a small patio build when a friendly neighbour asked if I got planning permission for it.

I never considered I may need permission for laying down a few slabs. It’s a 3m by 3m area of cemented slabs that angles down slightly so that rainwater falls directly on the grass area that surrounds it, nowhere near household drainage.

As far as I can tell from the rules online this should be fine as I have allowed natural drainage into soil, and no permission should be required.

Has anyone come across disputes for small patio builds like this? Doesn’t seem common knowledge at all. Or perhaps I’m just thick

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What do you do with foreign coins that you no longer need?


Have about 20 coins that were left over from a trip to America.

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What are your go to subreddits for funny long-ish reads?


I’m a fan of tifu, boru, aita etc. What else am I missing? Not interested in jokes, just funny musings and happenings.

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Do I take a gift when meeting my partner's mum for the first time in a coffee shop? (South Asian POVs appreciated extra)


Hi all,

Me and the girlfriend are taking the plunge and meeting families. A big step, especially in South Asian culture.

She's already met my mum and it went very well, but my mum has now suggested to me that she wishes she brought a gift for her prospective daughter-in-law and that I shouldn't make that mistake and to take my prospective mother-in-law a gift.

She's suggested a perfume or something because I'll be travelling via public transport and won't be able to carry around anything big like a bunch of flowers.

I personally don't think it's necessary at all.

I've texted my partner to ask her and am waiting for a response, but I can probably predict her answer to be "I've no idea"!

So I thought I'd jump on Reddit and ask what people thought would be appropriate.

Everyone involved was born and raised in Britain, so we're more in line with British values and customs, but we're all of Pakistani descent so opinions from people of similar backgrounds would also be appreciated.

Thank you!

Edit: my partner replied and, as predicted, wasn't sure at all what would be deemed appropriate. She did think flowers seemed like a nice idea when I suggested that though. My mum also thought that would be okay. Appreciate all the advice so far.

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Do you leave a bit of water on the bottom of your kettle or do you use all of it?


I just assumed leaving a bit of water in the bottom the kettle would help prevent the coils from burning out.

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Some lucky person in the UK has won tonight's £111 million jackpot on Euromillions with their winning ticket. What would you do with that money in the following stages?


Stage 1 - the first 24 hours of knowing you'd won (I'd combust immediately but try and put myself back together and come to terms with what I've just been made aware)

Stage 2 - one week since you've won (still be figuring out what the fuck I am going to do with £111 million)

Stage 3 - the rest of your life (probs split £5 million between multiple charities, give £2.5 million to each close family member, go absolutely wild on £10 million and save the rest)

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How to end this?


48M 30F 5yr

Okay, without going in to to much detail.. I have someone bleeding me dry. B4 someone says leave leave.. its rle not that easy or simple. Yes im waiting to leave, but the oppurtunity hasnt come yet. My cards with them like 99 percent of the time. With no decency to just give it back. Ivr just lost myself even to ask for it.. ive lost everything about me. Unrecognisable i am. I havr 0 support literally. Its not okay but just where do i start picking up the pieces.. btw i pay for everything. Groceries, every single godamn thing.. what even to say.. i just need a supporting voice

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Do Brits use the British words and spellings?


I’m learning British English, and I struggle a bit with spelling stuff, for example, draught va draft. Turns out that sometimes, according to the dictionary, Brits use ‘forwards’ (when it’s an adverb and has only two meanings, all the others are connected to ‘forward’) – it’s also confusing.

My questions are the following: do you really use it? Do you say sweets and biscuits, and write ‘-sation’, ‘colour’, and ‘grey’? Or are the American spellings and even words becoming more popular?

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Watching the FA Cup.....Why does the player taking a corner raise their hand before kicking the ball?


I've noticed it a few times and always wondered why...right and wrong answers welcome.

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Can anyone recommend washing machines for a small recess?


I'm moving into a unfurnished house and the kitchen has a 58cm x 58cm x 86cm (WxDxH) recess for a washing machine but looking online I can only find washing machines for a width of 59.5cm at a minimum.

Can anyone recommend washing machines that will fit in this recess? I'm trying to find one thats as energy efficient as possible, and price isn't much of a concern.


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What are some popular foods you don’t like?


I wouldn’t class myself as a fussy eater. I like pretty much everything. 2 of the things I don’t like are very controversial though and people often think I’m weird for it. But I don’t like baked beans and sometimes I like potatoes and sometimes I don’t it depends on the form. Im not disgusted by these things but I don’t like them enough that I would choose to eat them. With potatoes I still like chips, hashbrowns and dauphinois for example. A roast potato on the other hand I can handle sometimes but they need to be good. As for baked beans I eat some beans still but it depends on the meal. I don’t know if it’s just the type of bean in baked beans or what. I also don’t like cucumber. What about you?