r/Monero Aug 23 '22

Monero XMR swaps are fully operational after the upgrade


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u/Common_Equivalent948 Aug 23 '22

Since you are just a reseller of ChangeNow and don't run any XMR node of your own, not sure why this announcement is important. Last time I used your site to exchange ETH to XMR, ETH I sent got aggregated on the ChangeNow's address: 0x077d360f11d220e4d5d831430c81c26c9be7c4a4

ChangeNow use it as a main address to send and aggregate received payments.


u/Stealthex_io Aug 23 '22

importance is a relative concept, but we do have quite some XMR users on the platform and consider it crucial to notify them when something happens.


u/Common_Equivalent948 Aug 23 '22

Thanks for a transparent answer.