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Today I was on strike with my fellow colleagues of the public sector. We can only win together.

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That's a legit issue.

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Is there a job that satisfies all three?

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In Brittany, France, striking nurses pull a catapult

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One of the highest performers…here’s a 3.5% pay bump


I was one of my company’s highest performers this year. My manager and the director said as much in my (very late) 2022 performance review.

They told me they would be giving me one of the highest raises in the company. I was super excited as the last time I negotiated my salary was at the end of 2021 (right before the inflation numbers came out).

They come out and give me a handsome 3.5%?!?! I mean what the actual fck. That doesn’t even cover inflation of the past year and a half. I feel bad thinking about what “average performers” got if this is what they’re giving “high performers”.

I mentioned wanting more and knowing that my market value has increased quite a bit in the last year… safe to say the director was pissed off. Complete 180 from the praise he had been giving me during the entirety of the call.

I fell into the trap of thinking this company was different. There’s no such thing :/

EDIT: spoke to some coworkers this morning - average performers only got a 1.5% increase. I have yet to hear of someone who got an increase higher than I did

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They Ran Out of Adults To Exploit, So They Brought Back Child Labor

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If only more managers were like this

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Oh hell no… I know this is real. I’ve seen this scenario happen in person.

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Asking for a friend, but can a boss require an employee to buy a new car because driving an old beater on the company premises is considered a “dress code violation”?


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Job gave me disciplinary action for discussing wages


I’ve been working at my current employer for a couple of months now. I haven’t had any issues with any employees but a few days ago, one of my coworkers quit and in her exit interview she said that we discussed wages. When that conversation happened she asked me how much I made and I told her and she was upset because I made more than her, while I had been there a couple of months when she had been working there for 2+ years. My GM just pulled me in to his office and gave me a disciplinary action saying that discussing wages is a “terminable offense” is this true? How do I proceed

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Our current system is governed by money for the money

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What a spicy take 🌶️🌶️

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Recruiter thinks I’m faking my degree from Brown University because it’s in Latin


Some recruiters are complete idiots who have no idea that most of the the Ivy Leagues and many top universities on the east coast have their diplomas in Latin.

Seriously, get fired already, you idiot.

*EDIT: I was offered the position and asked to send a physical copy of my diploma to prove that I did graduate. The recruiter reached out to me and said that my degree was not from the United States. I explained, but she accused me of lying and said that I was unethical due to the fact that my diploma was in Latin. I emailed the hiring manager and explained everything to her. She understands it now, but I’m still mad at the recruiter.

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The bank I work for still doesnt compensate workers for overtime despite losing a class action lawsuit that spanned 15 years with a payout of 153 Milion.


I'm in Canada, I work 10 to 5 every weekday but I never get out at 5. we are usually stuck there for another half hour to hour closing and balancing. My boss says no one is compensated after 5 which makes no sense to me, especially since im on contract for minimum 30 hours and work way more than that. What gets me is that this violates the canadian labour code. Any hours you work you must be compensated for by canadian law, especially in my case where I'm not on salary i'm hourly. If I stay for an extra half an hour every day, im losing $50 a week which is insane.

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Work to go into debt so you can work more to go into more debt

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Going to keep doing the bare minimum

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Never been more insulted in my life


I've worked for the same company for 10 years, but am moving on due to the franchise being sold. Today I was told by corporate personnel that they thought I realized I'm "Critical Equipment" and considered part of the purchase agreement for the new owners.

I told them I've never heard something so fucking stupid in my entire life.

E D I T: The person I work for is great, and the new ownership seems solid. No one EXCEPT our corporate office is surprised as I've made my plans very clear from the beginning of this process to the people who matter.

I actually have a deal worked out to help the new ownership AS TIME PERMITS for a extremely fair hourly rate.

My corporate office is learning in real time about what happens when you assume.

E D I T 2: For the people saying this is normal, it isn't in my industry. I work in restaurants. Typically we're treated as disposable.

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You hate to see it

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Be your own boss and employee.

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“Always hiring” means constant, toxic levels of turnover and employee dissatisfaction.

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These Greedy MFs

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Put the salary on the Job description stop withholding important information and make applicants go through the whole process just to be told the salary is not a livable wage !

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Can I get some thoughts?


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I am a manager and currently sitting through a union busting training.


I am a manager in a warehouse and had a vaguely titled long training scheduled today. After joining, it was revealed to be an anti-union meeting run by some union busting law firm.

I haven't heard anything about organizing in our company, but they specifically mentioned starbucks and Amazon union movements. I can tell they are scared about it coming to us, and I hope it does.

Right now, they are talking about how you can't make threats, but you can say how things "might happen"

Can't say, "You are going to lose benefits, or pay" but you can say, "As a result of barging you could gain more, but you could just as likely lose what you currently have."

Edit: I'll answer any questions when it's over.

Edit 2: Favorite quote, "The current generation we are dealing with thinks it cool to be in a union, even if they don't fully understand what that means"

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Capitalists blaming "demand" for rising prices, i.e. shifting the blame from their own greed onto the shopping habits of consumers, seems like such an obvious ruse and yet we all seem to accept it.


Raising prices is a choice, nobody is making these executives choose to raise prices. The "invisible guiding hand" of the market isn't real. They're bullshitting us with their smug and cynical conceptions of "free trade." Freedom to them means freedom to exploit us without external intervention.