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It’s the r/Melbourne daily discussion thread [Thursday 23/03/2023]


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Things That Go Ding Thanks Dan and crew. Really looking forward to being able to afford a visit to the CBD next week after a break of a couple of years. ps ..I'm assuming all the planning with V/Line for this has gone well ?

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Serious News Merri Creek rapist Joel Russo described by Victorian judge as 'an extreme danger to women'


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Roads Do you drive through the lower part of the roundabout?

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Serious News $250 Power Saving Bonus Program


May of been posted however, for those that are not aware follow the link and collect free $$

  • Follow the link below
  • Takes approx 10 minutes
  • Tranche 1 ends midnight 23 March
  • Tranche 2 starts 24 March
  • Receive $250 and reapply the following day

Eligibility requirements: You must be a Victorian residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account). You must be the account holder Only one payment is available per household


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Education C'mon Melbourne, we can do better

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Opinions/advice needed Where can I eat a big pile of meat in the city


Im talking ribs, chicken wings, lamb that sorta stuff

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Light and Fluffy News There is thief on the loose in ftgully 😂

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The Sky is Falling half naked man decided to stop the trains at Richmond train station, peak hour 5.30pm

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Opinions/advice needed Where can I find out what’s being built?


They’ve started constructing something on what was a random grassy/parky area near me. I’ve tried googling the streets that area is nearest to amd the suburb and adding “construction” but nothing comes up.

Is there somewhere where I can see what’s being built there? I’ve checked the council sites ans there’s nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s a residential building either homes or an apartment complex, but it could also be factory

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Serious News Have your say on how to improve pedestrian and road safety in Southbank


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Opinions/advice needed Computer courses in melbourne (office, excel and word et )


Hi all, was wondering if anyone knows of any decent computer courses specializing in Microsoft office, I want to unskilled - I'm a beginner. Would prefer a course that is like one day a week rather than one long day as I feel it may be too much information at once for me.


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Serious News Idea: Lets move the Melbourne Star to St. Kilda foreshore.

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Health Mental health facility


Hello, can anyone recommend private mental health hospitals / facilities from experience? My partner has been admitted to P block yesterday at Monash but hates it and wants to come home. He needs more help than I can offer. We have gold level hospital cover so a private facility is an option. I’m looking into Dalmont and Ramsey clinic Albert Road. Any others? We live in Cheltenham… so this side of Melbourne would be ideal.

Thanks 😊

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Things That Go Ding Best marketing from PTV, given how many times they've dropped the plot.

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After the last few campaigns they've run this is definitely the version of PTV I'd like to see moving forward!

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Opinions/advice needed Clothes dyeing service?


Does anyone know of anywhere that professionally dyes fabric in Melbourne? I can only find Culla Change in NSW (which is the type of place I'm after).

I have just inherited a beautiful hand crocheted massive blanket that could do with a refresh from its weird cream off white colour... Really hoping I can find somewhere to help! Wouldn't mind getting some clothes refreshed too.

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Things That Go Ding Life hack: if REA billboards are annoying you, just put them in hard rubbish

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Opinions/advice needed Advice needed on building a garage shed


I've been looking into getting a garage in the northern suburbs and noticed that a couple places I got quotes from are fair dinkum builds sellers. Does fair dinkum have good quality garage sheds? Or should I go somewhere else and where.


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editorialised headline Melbourne is a "Ghost Town"

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Yet again another factually incorrect Murdoch hit piece. They have either never set foot in Melbourne CBD or are lying. It's probably the latter. Having just recently moved from the CBD and still working there, I can attest that it's anything but a ghost town. Plenty of businesses are flourishing. There are plenty of office workers, high density foot traffic and traffic congestion. Restaurants and clubs with lines on the busy footpaths. Just try walking on Elizabeth or Swanston Street or Bourke Street Mall to name a few, especially on the weekend. Utter nonsense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYXFw5F6530

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Opinions/advice needed Where to buy peppers?


Besides the mediocre standard of Jalapenos and thai Chilli that one can buy at the coles/woollies duopoly, does anyone know of any good markets or independent sellers for good quality chilli peppers and a good variety to make hot sauces in Melbourne?

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Photography Can everyone share their photos of Saturday's sunset?


I lost someone incredibly special to me that day, March 18th. When I watched the sky display that evening, I'll never forget thinking "wow what a beautiful sunset you made for us, baby". I took in that moment and just admired it. I didn't want to disrupt it by grabbing my phone. So if anyone can, please share any photos of you caught of my baby's sunset. Thank you so much.

EDIT: Thank you so much! Gorgeous photos that made me tear up <3

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Light and Fluffy News Lighten Up


On Sunday I noticed our local park, Malahang Reserve had a light display put on by the Banyule Council. Really well done community event. We need to see more of this!

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Lost and found Help wanted: Missing Cat Northcote/Fairfield South. Details in comments.

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Opinions/advice needed Opportunities to help some reptiles


Unsure I'd this is the right place for this post but recently moved to Melbourne with my wife. I've owned a couple reptiles previously, a chameleon and tortoise. Not looking to own anything permanently as not too sure how many years we'll be here but would definitely be interested in helping foster any rescues or just if there's any places to volunteer at. Really enjoy them so would love to help.

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PSA Hey mates, Melbourne Comedy Festival kicks off next week. I was wondering if you'd take a chance on an up-and-coming comedian?

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THDG Need Help Best places for suhoor?


To the Melbourne muslims in this sub, are there any good suhoor places in the CBD? I’m staying there for the first few days of Ramadan and was wondering if some places open before sunrise