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Help Wanted Why are my picures so grainy? [Nikon fe2, nikon 80-200 f2.8, ilford fp4 @200]


All images are from the same roll (shot at iso 200), the first two I overexposed by one stop (because i thought the meter would make it too dark). The negatives of the first two images are very dense. The last two images look 'normal' and don't have excessive grain. Does someon have a solution or an explanation?

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[REQUEST] Copacabana


Hi guys looking for BP's and PV of Copacabana! Thanks in advance

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Any body wants fakes free dm


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DISCUSSION Match Throwing


I keep getting paired up with people that intentionally throw matches, making my rank go down. Anyone else have this problem?

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I just had the pleasure of watching Eraserhead for the first time, in a theater. I feel so lucky :)

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7394 4791 2472 Will send gifts from Archipelago Region. Need River, Continental, Garden, Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Meadow, Monsoon, Ocean, Sandstorm, Savanna, and Tundra.


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Ashley sole survivor


So I’m doing a run of the game where Ashley is the sole survivor. What I like to do if I have a sole survivor is give them the most trauma possible to make it more fun. So I already know how the rest of the characters should die but I’m stuck on Chris. Do you guys think Chris should shoot Ashley or not? If he does Ashley locks him out which will undoubtedly cause an incredible amount of guilt but probably not as much sadness. If they have max relationship and he dies she there wouldn’t be any guilt but Ashley would be absolutely devastated. What do you guys think? Wow this post makes me sound like a phyco path

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What animal are ISFPs most like?


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Lauren Boebert pointed out one truth about 2024 that left Democrats seething with rage - Deplorable Daily


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Question Ufaglært kok


Er der nogle kokke (faglærte, samt ufaglærte) eller andre folk i branchen, der måske kunne give mig et tip eller to, omkring det at søge som ufaglært kok?

Det eneste jeg har, er et massivt drive for Gastronomi, fokus og selvdisciplin.

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Adorable Red Panda

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Chowchilla womens facility


Hey guys, does anyone work at the women’s facility in Chowchilla ? What’s it like ? Overtime wise, do you guys have a lot of academy classes coming in ? What are the yards like ? And if there are any females who currently work there I would like your insight as well, I would appreciate it.

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https://discord.gg/BtRdrupf Server at 3:30 everyone join up and select a role will be having 3 sessions today 🤝🔥😮‍💨 come fw the roleplay won’t be disappointed forsure🤝 500k-1.5mill sign up start off money for your RP CHARACTER 🔥🚀

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Subscribe! Best Overwater Bungalow in the Maldives

Thumbnail youtu.be

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Discussion | Esports Does source 2 have an FOV slider? (I want to switch away from stretched but...)


As title. If anyone here knows! One of you lurkers who was lucky enough

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telling my doctor I'm on semaglutide


I have a video appointment on Monday with my GP. She knows I'm asking for Ozempic. I know it will most likely be denied because I'm with Kaiser. Wednesday I have an appointment with a semaglutide compounding doctor. Should I tell my real doc what I'm up to and try to beg for an antinausea Rx?

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Questions for Avid Paintballers


Hi there! I'm not very well acquainted with this community, but I have a sort of project I am working on. I would love some input!

In order of importance:

  1. Have you ever worn armor or seen other individuals wearing armor while playing paintball?

  2. Do you experience uncomfortable levels pain after playing paintball for long stretches of time?

  3. What is considered fair or unfair when playing paintball in your experience?

  4. What are the most important things a person should do when preparing to play paintball?

  5. Where is it most painful to receive a direct hit with a paintball?

  6. What are some notable problems or grievances that you have faced or that you consider likely to have encountered playing paintball?

Thanks for your input! Context can necessarily be provided in the comments!

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Dale Wilson

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Strong Desiree to smoke straight after waking up


I know ITS Not healthy, and I usually do it in the evenings, but when i dont have Work or Plans in the morning i can hardly avoid Smoking in the morning. Im Smoking daily For 5 years now and for 2 weeks that i was sober i Had Dreams of me Smoking 🤢 When I try to Tell myself i wont do it that day I Just end Up finding better reasons to do it, Like my brain wont let loose... Well i thought i was on a good track Smoking only evenings but now ITS all crumbling down again 🤣🫠

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I 90s-ified another meme I found here

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Discussion Bought iphone any tips? moving from android


Hello I just bought an iphone 13 is there any tips you have,I moved from Android (pixel 4A) so I have no idea what to really expect.

Any good clear cases? Good screen protector? Tips to maintain and make it last long?


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Auto Insurance Other persons insurance will not pay due to someone else causing them to crash into my car


A city garbage truck ran into someone from behind which caused them to crash into my parked car yesterday. I called that persons insurance (AAA) but the person in charge of the case refused to take responsibility due to the garbage truck starting it, so I got a number for the garbage truck supervisor which neither of us were able to get ahold of yesterday or today. I feel like their insurance should be responsible, is there a way to fight this? Eg ask for their manager or something?

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Media Grounded Spiders are really something special!


Come on! You NEED me!

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[homemade] Dan Dan noodles - noodles with spicy pork mince and creamy sesame sauce, topped with chilli crisps.

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holographic Mega X

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