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How have I missed this sub until now? Here's my rescue girl Cassy Lou. Rescue Hippo

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u/Scoobywagon Mar 22 '23

I assume you've missed this sub up to this point because you should have made a left at Albuquerque. But you should be able to get back here if you back track a bit, left at Albuquerque, third star from the left, and straight on until morning.


u/Short33M Mar 22 '23

Hello Cassy Lou!!! So adorable


u/Aware-Slip-1063 Mar 22 '23

Hi there Cassy Lou!!!! Welcome to you and your Hooman. You sure a beautiful girl with your sweet face. Thank You Dear Hooman for rescuing this gorgeous hippo. I hope you both have many years of love and adventures together. 🐕🥰😇😊


u/scoutsadie Mar 22 '23



u/ImNotHere1919 Mar 26 '23

Pretty girl! Looks like we have matching fur covered seats lol